Functional Training for Your Everyday Life

Try out small group CrossFit classes in the Bessemer, Alabama, area

In the world of fitness, few classes are as popular as CrossFit. However, many newcomers have misconceptions about our fitness classes! At Benchmark Fitness, home of Yellowhammer CrossFit, we lead CrossFit classes for all ages and ability levels. We believe in small group training with a focus on proper form and safe movements.

Our CrossFit classes offer a unique combination of strength training and high-intensity interval training to unlock a range of benefits. By mixing cardio and weights, our coaches deliver full-body, functional training unlike anything else. Call us today to reserve a spot in our next class in Bessemer, Alabama.

Meet our trained and knowledgeable team of coaches

Meet our trained and knowledgeable team of coaches

One of the concerns we hear most often from clients is that they're afraid of injury during a workout. At Benchmark Fitness, all of our CrossFit coaches have years of experience in teaching proper form and technique. Under the supervision of our skilled team, you can train confidently and safely.

Outside of the gym, our style of functional training will help you tackle life's day-to-day challenges without worry. From chasing after your kids to scoring the winning point, let our coaches show you what your body can achieve at our Bessemer, AL location.

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