Are you done with feeling out-of-shape and tired?


Do you feel concerned with showing up to a regular class and not being able to do most of the workout?


Do you feel like you are not sure where to even start making changes?


Are you worried that your overall health has declined leading to health concerns?

We can show you how to make changes and improve your overall life.

Read Caleb's Story

“I exercised a little bit in college. Mostly running (slow jogging/ aggressive walking), and some standard PPL. Once I started my career, exercise took a back seat and after a few months of not working out at all we got a planet fitness membership. I usually did some light cardio on the treadmill and then some PPL as best I could given the constraints of no free weights except for dumbbells. So going into my first fundamentals class I was basically one tier up from couch potato. During the first fundamentals class we got a decent bit of knowledge, learned some helpful stretches, and at the end we did a short benchmark workout of a 10 minute AMRAP, 5-10-15 push-ups, sit-ups, and air squats. I think I actually scaled the push ups to on my knee push ups because I wasn’t strong enough to do standard push ups one at a time much less several in a row in a workout. I went home and puked right after that one. Super big gut check for me. I was a little intimidated by the big guys throwing up massive weights and doing these crazy gymnastic movements but they were all super nice and gave us fist bumps, were super encouraging, told us how good we were doing, and not to give up. I always assumed CrossFit was only for super jacked people who had way too much coffee and a surplus of money. I was also always told that CrossFit is a great way to work out as long as you have an extra set of knees laying around the house for when you mess your first pair up. After the first week we were introduced to the PVC pipe and some of the more complicated Olympic lifts but weren’t allowed to touch a barbell yet. PVC pipe almost made me puke too. After we learned some techniques with the pipe we were finally able to touch the bar about halfway through our course. They wanted to make sure we knew the form and technique before we started adding weight to the bar so we could keep our original set of knees and shoulders. The semi-private nature of the class was great because there were only ever 3-4 people in the fundamentals class at any one time so you got a lot of exposure to intense coaching cues for corrections and demonstration compared to a 20 person class. Because of the increased coaching exposure we were able to voice concern about what to if something didn’t feel right or if a particular injury was bothering us at that time and got great coaching tips on stretches to help, better ways to recover after a workout, and better ways to tailor the warm up to prepare for the workout in light of the injury. It was also great for me because I worked as a nurse on night shift for three years and was able to come to the early morning class before I went to sleep for work that night or the mid morning class after I got off before I went home and went to bed.”

Read Logan's Story

“So I am probably the definition of person going into the “Couch to CrossFit.” I had worked out with running and some gym exposure, but I was never consistent or stuck with something for more than a few weeks or months at the the most.

Before starting the fundamentals class, I was a little apprehensive because I had never picked up a barbell in my life and you always hear people talking about how CrossFit isn’t safe/ is asking for injuries.

The fundamentals class was definitely the best thing for me to get my feet wet so to speak. We learned all the lifts and had a coach helping us with our form before ever stepping foot into the class for a workout. After we were done with that class, we were able to go to a “real class” and the coach’s still focused on our form to help us prevent any injuries. Coming in through the fundamentals class, basically proved every misconception I had about CrossFit wrong. Sure you can get injuries, but usually if you’re focusing on correct form and progressing slowly they won’t happen.”

Read Kyle's Story

“I walked into Benchmark Fitness home of Yellowhammer CrossFit April 16, 2019. I was desperate. At 31 years old I was at my heaviest nearing 270 pounds. My diet was terrible, I was far too sedentary, tired all the time, irritable, and if I felt this way at 31 I was terrified how I would feel in another 10-20 years. I hadn’t touched a barbell since I as in high school and I hadn’t worked with free weights in at least 4 years, but I had to make a change. I knew about CrossFit.

I knew about the stereotypes of untrained people attempting movements and lifts they had no business doing. I even had a friend tell me to stay away from CrossFit because everybody just gets injured doing it. However, I knew I needed two things: to work with free weights and to workout in a class situation where a coach would push me through a difficult workout and CrossFit fit the bill. So, I set a goal for myself to find a Crossfit gym the focused on form and pace rather than speed and reps. I thought I would have to search far and wide but I got unbelievably lucky walking into Yellowhammer Crossfit first. I spoke with Brandon, sheepishly filled out the paperwork and he told me I would start in a fundamentals course. “Fundamentals?” I thought. Since when does Crossfit do fundamentals? I thought they just threw you in the deep end and with zero training expected you to learn olympic lifts. I was so wrong.

My first week was all about seeing what I was capable of. One on one, me and a coach that helped me understand what a clean was, how to do a proper jerk, deadlift form, the difference between lifting from the hang and a power lift, etc. It was a wealth of knowledge for a guy like me that hadn’t touched weights in so long. Don’t be fooled though, fundamentals isn’t just about education. We would spend 20 or so minutes working on a light warm-up and then a lift skill and then we would have our WOD (workout of the day). I quickly learned I was in worse shape than I thought but my coach would be right there for the workout helping me push myself and keeping me motivated.

Fundamentals ended and I realized everything I thought I knew about Crossfit had gone out the window. Brandon, Rob, Nick, and Rebekah focus on form constantly and they are so involved during workouts, even helping the gym veterans improve their form and methods. They are hands on and genuinely interested in your success and improvement. I have never enjoyed going to the gym, until now. I now get irritated when I miss getting to the gym. The members at Yellowhammer Crossfit are family. I am constantly amazed at how interested everybody is in cheering on each other and motivating one another. It’s incredible and I would recommend it to anybody and everybody.

Crossfit is not for any specific type of person. It is genuinely for everybody and I am proof of that. I have a long way to go but since I began in April I have lost 41 pounds. I’ve dropped from an XXL to an XL, gone from a 42 pant waist to a 36 and I have more energy than I have had in years. I did this with simple calorie counting and Crossfit. I am excited for the continued improvement I expect to see and I know I am a member of a gym where I am surrounded by coaches and friends that are excited to see that progress as well.”

Read Kimberly's Story

“Benchmark Fitness has changed my life in so many positive ways. I’ve always been a member of traditional gyms, but always felt timid and scared to try new things. I never would put in the work truly needed to accomplish my fitness goals. Joining Yellowhammer CrossFit helped me change not only my mindset, but it changed my lifestyle as well. The day I first showed up to Benchmark Fitness, I sat in my car for at least 30 minutes. I almost left to go back home so many times. I’m so glad I made the choice to walk in, because I’ve never looked back. I went from being scared of everything in a gym, to having the confidence to tell others about what I do. Everyone at Yellowhammer CrossFit from the coaches to the members are so welcoming and encouraging. We are truly a family, and the best support system out there.

The Couch to FITness course helped me so much with the lifts, my form and technique, general terminology of CrossFit, and gaining the confidence I needed to reach my fitness goals. The one on one coaching was specific to my needs and abilities.

I’m so blessed to have found this place and these people. I’ve made so much progress in one year, and I can’t wait to continue to grow and accomplish my goals.”

 Couch To Fit(ness)

You don’t have to be in shape to get in shape – Benchmark Fitness’ Couch to FITness program will provide you with a step-by-step program to get you there. You’re probably going to end up enjoying yourself too. What we need from you:


Ready to learn new things


Positive Attitude


Open to having fun and getting in shape


Be able to workout a minimum of 2 days per week for 4-6 weeks


You will be working 1-on-1 with one of our trainers each visit; for 30-45 minutes. That’s it!


Be willing to take the occasional fist bump or high-five

Be the HERO to your story; we just want to play a small role!

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